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All About “This is Good News!"

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The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada has been sharing a series of stories and videos that highlight God at work in the lives of people in our Fellowship, throughout our nation, and around the world. Challenges abound, but God is still revealing Himself and His goodness to those who look to Him for their spiritual and practical help. Share these stories with your family, friends and neighbours so that they can be encouraged as well! We continue to invite our churches and credential holders to submit their stories at We hope they bring you the encouragement that is so needed in this time!

Here is a list of stories we have already posted to our website:

A Story from Julia Walda

A Story from Obed Rod

A Story from Anna Morgante

A Story from Alan Slater

A Story about the impact of Village of Hope’s Food Hamper Distribution

A Story from ERDO: Robbie’s Water for Water Challenge

A Story from Bob Gal

An Update from Andy Bigras - A Story of Blessing

A Story from Michelle Mercer of Gateway Community Church

A Story from Ruth Lotholz

A story from Mission Canada worker, Nelly Latchman

An update from Regional Director for Eurasia, Stephen Hertzog

A Story About Sue and Jason, from Pastor Jamie Greenwood of Spring Bay Pentecostal

A Story about the ChildCARE Plus Program in Zimbabwe

A Story from Shellbrook Pentecostal Assembly on Their Ministry of Helps

A Story about a Back-to-School Bash hosted by City Point Church

A Story from Mission Canada Worker Cal Krahn in Quebec

LoveArmy: Being Unignorably Good

A Story from Kathy Mizen of Schools of Hope, Honduras

A Story from Calvary Temple, Saint John

Responding to Crisis: Stories from the B.C. Floods

A Story from Shay Anderson at The Park Church, Sherwood Park, Alberta

A Story from Jeff and Jennifer Weston

A Story from the Rowleys – Global Workers in Cambodia

Kids on Mission: A Story from City South Church in Edmonton, Alberta

Serving Schools: A Story from Hope City Church

A Story from Pastor Ash Tamang (Paul Goley)

A Story from Evangel Church: The Hospitality Experiment

A Story from Cory Kostyra

A Story from Garfield Mark

A Story from Simon Klaver

A Story from the McCreas: Global Workers in Colombia

A Story from the Yorkton DreamCentre in Yorkton, Sask.

A Story from GT Ignite

A Story from Family Christian Centre

A Story from Soul Sanctuary

A Story from Aboriginal Bible Academy

A Story from Cold Lake Community Church

A Story from EOD Youth Channel

A Story from Karen Bartell

A Story from Cedarview Church in Paris, Ontario

A Story from Christian Centre Church in Toronto

A Story from Heartland, A Church Connected

Marc Doiron's Miracle

Baptisms at Recovery Church

A Story from Broadway Church, Vancouver

A Church Planting Story from Pranil and Sashi Mani of Grace Apostolic Pentecostal Assembly

Dominion Church International Housing Asylum Seekers

Church at the Beach: A “Good News” Story from Glad Tidings in Burlington

Pastor Jacques Lombard and Christian Life Assembly in Peace River, Alberta

A Story from CityServe in Edmonton

A Story from Tracy Dunham and Freedom Church


Click here to see the videos available for download.