Credential Holder Care


Credential holder care is also facilitated to help ministers in full-time ministry needing professional counselling.

In cooperation with Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, eleven other denominations and PAOC District offices have commissioned Focus on The Family to establish an all-Canadian counselling helpline. This is private, confidential, anonymous counselling and referrals for ministers and their families.

By dialing 1-888-5CLERGY (525-3749) the minister or member of the minister’s family will be connected by a trained intake counsellor to a professional Christian counsellor at Focus on the Family offices in Langley, British Columbia.

Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

The cost of this service is covered jointly by the district offices and International Office of PAOC. The counselling calls are absolutely free to the caller.


The names that appear on this Network of approved counsellors have been recommended to us by the respective PAOC District Superintendents as persons to whom they would be comfortable having referrals made. The approved counsellors have presented to us that they are born-again believers and have training, experience and certification as professional Christian counsellors.

As much as possible, we have endeavoured to adhere to a minimum requirement of a Master’s level degree to qualify for inclusion in the network. Each is trained in crisis intervention, equipped to identify problems with insight and objectivity, and are skilled in making appropriate referrals for ongoing counselling where deemed necessary. However, the inclusion of any name on the network list of counsellors in no way indicates our endorsement or guarantee of quality of service.