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Associate Organizations


Empowered21 is an organization that is helping shape the future of the spirit-empowered movement. It grew out of the 100th anniversary celebration of the Azuza Street Revival that was held in 2006 in Los Angeles.

Empowered 21 Canada was established to help shape the future of the Spirit-empowered movement in Canada by focusing on crucial issues facing the movement and connecting generations for intergenerational blessing and impartation.

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The Evangelical Fellowship Of Canada

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) is the national association of evangelical Christians in Canada. It gathers Evangelicals together for impact, influence and identity in ministry and public witness. Since 1964, the EFC has provided a national forum for Evangelicals and a constructive voice for biblical principles in life and society. The EFC affiliates include denominations, ministry organizations, educational institutions and individual congregations, who uphold a common statement of faith. The EFC also has more than 15,000 supporting individuals.

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The Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches Of North America

The Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America represents over 480,000 churches and nearly 90 million followers of Christ worldwide.

Together they share a common history of Holy Spirit renewal and an overriding goal of evangelizing the world.

They enjoy a rich fellowship and dialogue that is both biblical and relevant. They endeavour to maintain a level of mature cooperation, believing it to be a hallmark that reflects a commitment to the message of reconciliation through the cross and unity in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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The Pentecostal World Fellowship

The Pentecostal World Fellowship is a worldwide cooperative body of Pentecostal churches and groups of approved standing. The PWF coalition is committed to the furtherance of the Gospel to the ends of the world. 59 organizations make up a membership unified with the mission to unite and mobilize the global Spirit-filled family in completing the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

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World Assemblies Of God Fellowship

With worldwide growth that has surpassed 64 million members, the Assemblies of God is the largest Pentecostal Fellowship in the world. There are currently more than 160 Fellowships, including The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, that are members of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship.

The purpose of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship is to pursue the fulfilment of the Lord’s command to evangelize the lost in the shortest possible time, providing them the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel in all of its fullness. This is done by encouraging and assisting one another, promoting harmonious relationships, and seeking the most effective means of its accomplishment under the dynamic leadership of the Holy Spirit.

The Fellowship functions as a service agent and is a co-operative, non-legislative organ to the body of worldwide Assemblies of God national councils of equal standing.

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World Evangelical Alliance

The World Evangelical Alliance is a global ministry working with local churches around the world to join in common concern to live and proclaim the Good News of Jesus in their communities. It is a network of churches in 129 nations that have each formed an evangelical alliance and over 100 international organizations joining together to give a worldwide identity, voice, and platform to more than 600 million evangelical Christians. Seeking holiness, justice and renewal at every level of society—individual, family, community and culture, God is glorified and the nations of the earth are forever transformed.

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