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Next Gen Discipleship & Mentoring

Andy Gabruch and the Strategic Vision Committee (SVC) will lead a two-part conversation on revitalizing local churches toward disciple-making of younger generations in mentoring, and multiplication of ministry towards leadership development of younger generations through mentoring.

Leading the Church in a Global Context

“Leading the Church in a Global Context” – over two days, Murray Cornelius and Jeff K. will host a panel of Canadian and international pastors who will discuss the unique challenges facing the church today. Guests will include Julius Rwotlonyo (WATOTO Church), Jonathan Smith ( in Toronto), Joshua Banda (Zambia), Tim Woodcock (Glad Tidings, Burlington), Tracy Dunham (Freedom in Christ Church in Kitchener) and others. They will address how they balance local and global engagement, evangelism and social engagement, diversity, and homogeneity, etc.