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Stewardship Services

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Christians are not exempt from dealing with financial management and stewardship issues. Biblical principles relating to personal finances are found throughout Scripture. The use of money is such a common occurrence in everyday living one would expect the Bible to have some directions and guidelines. In fact, there are about 2,350 verses in the Bible that talk about money and material possessions – 16 out of the 38 parables in the Gospels deal with these issues.

Radical Stewardship is a 30-35 minute seminar that presents Biblical principles dealing with budgeting, debt reduction, money management, retirement and estate planning. It is a practical, easy-to-understand talk everyone in the church can relate to no matter what stage of life or financial status. Stewardship Services cares about families and their Biblical understanding of financial matters, and want to help those in our churches plan effectively for the future. We recognize the need for a diverse set of tools to help establish and maintain healthy stewardship and achieve godly goals in all aspects of family life. Radical Stewardship is presented by one of our Stewardship representatives on a Sunday morning in the local church.

Statistics tell us that more than half of Canadian adults do not have a financial plan and a written will. On request following the presentation, we assist constituents with writing of personal wills and Power of Attorney documents free of charge.

We are also able to help our people convert their investment stocks into income tax deductions. The Canada government allows us to give a charitable receipt for the full value of the stocks at the time they are transferred to the PAOC. Donors not only get a receipt for tax purposes but also are exempted from paying taxes on the capital gains of their shares. This gives a double blessing to the donor and a life transforming gift for the ministry.

The purchase of charitable gift annuities is another service of PAOC Stewardship Services. A gift annuity is an investment purchased from the PAOC, which guarantees an individual and his/her spouse a fixed, quarterly income for the rest of their lives. This quarterly amount is usually higher than any other kind of secured investment. Minimum investment is $10,000.

It is the goal of Stewardship Services to bless our churches and constituents as we incorporate Biblical stewardship principles with financial planning decisions in all aspects of their lives.

For more information about having a Radical Stewardship seminar in your church, donating stocks or purchasing charitable gift annuities, please contact Sharon Thomson at

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