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Picture This!

dave-wells-professional-green-with-white-borderFrom May 7 – 10, 2018, the picture-perfect city of Victoria, B.C., will provide the setting for us as a Pentecostal Fellowship to gather for General Conference 2018 as we launch a year of centennial celebration and missional focus.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to B.C. District Superintendent, Ken Russell, and also to the BC/Yukon District, for their invitation to one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. On Monday evening, they will welcome us to a reception in the Inner Harbour area of Victoria. It will be memorable.

Our 100th anniversary is in 2019 and throughout this conference we will consider pictures of our past, the present and into the future that will inspire and motivate us.

On Tuesday morning, we will Picture Faithfulness as we remember the stories of God’s faithfulness with honoured leaders who have served faithfully for many years. This will lead us into a very meaningful time of remembrance and communion.

On Tuesday evening, we will Picture Multiplication. Historically and currently, our Pentecostal family has a passion to see Jesus’ church multiply in Canada and globally. Tuesday night and throughout the conference we will highlight our 2020 multiplication goals and we welcome Pastor Rob Ketterling of River Valley Church in Burnsville, Minnesota, to provide pictures of God’s multiplying work to inform and inspire us.

On Wednesday morning, we will Picture Transformational Truth. As “people of the Book” we value truth that sets people free. Dr. Van Johnson, the Co-Chair of our Theological Study Commission, will provide scenes past and present reflecting how we have engaged theology and what our future vision is as we address our Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths in a context where all too often truth is jettisoned.

On Wednesday evening, we will Picture the Nations. To be a missional people has always been part of our core DNA. Wednesday night we will honour and hear from those who have served faithfully in global missions. We are so grateful that our colleagues from Jordan, Dikran and Ani Salbashian, will provide pictures of what it means to be faithful representatives of Jesus in tragic, war-torn environments. Ani will also be featured in the General Conference 2018 Women’s luncheon that day.

On Thursday morning, we will conclude as we Picture the Future. Pastor Andy Moore of Victoria – Glad Tidings (GT) has been asked to paint pictures for us of what the Spirit is calling us to as we head into the future God has for us. Andy is a gifted and insightful leader and communicator. We are also grateful to Pastor Luke Stones of GT who, with his team, will lead us to worship in Spirit and truth throughout the conference.

Interactive, peer learning environments will occur in our “Picture This” Breakouts on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Themes for these sessions include: Picture Justice (Creation Care and Care for “The Least of These”), Picture Wholeness (Human Identity, Sexuality and Sanctity of Life), Picture Multiplication (Paul Fraser and the Church Multiplication Network, Rob Ketterling), Picture Revitalization (Gary Taitinger and the Church Revitalization Network) and Picture Transformational Truth (Van Johnson and the Theological Study Commission). The Picture Leadership track will feature “Lessons from Global Leadership” with Greg Mundis and “The Equal Role of Men and Women in Leadership” with Patti Miller.

We’re anticipating with enthusiasm how God will speak to us together at GC2018 as we reflect on His past and present faithfulness and receive vision to move forward with confidence and insight. 

Dave Wells, General Superintendent

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada



ken-russell-with-white-border5879586cb2cf645badfcff00009d593aWELCOME MESSAGE FROM KEN RUSSELL, B.C. & YUKON DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT

Welcome to “Super Natural British Columbia” and our capital city of Victoria!

Several years ago our provincial government changed their slogan for B.C. from “The Best Place on Earth” to “Super Natural British Columbia.” We hope you will find our corner of Canada both “super natural” in an earthly sense, and “supernatural” in a spiritual sense of these words.

As we gather in Victoria this year, we know your experience will be anointed by the power of God, through the presence of His Holy Spirit. Our prayer partners have been interceding for you over the past year and we are expecting a fresh in-breaking of God’s Spirit over these days. We also hope that the salt air and ocean breezes of Vancouver Island will refresh your soul, spirit and body.

It’s truly a privilege for the district leadership team, section pastors and ministry leaders of B.C. and the Yukon to host our 2018 General Conference. We welcome you with open arms, warm affection and a loving embrace. Our team is willing to assist you in any way during our time together.

Victoria is a beautiful city which offers its guests some very unique experiences. It has the ambience of a mid-sized city that offers a blend of old-world charm and contemporary innovation. The inner harbour and city centre are filled with great dining experiences, shopping and cultural venues. Victoria’s weather is usually very favourable in May, so we would recommend booking a whale-watching tour or visiting the botanical gardens.

One of the original Pentecostal churches in our district network was established here in 1923. The gospel was planted in this city through revival meetings held for 21 consecutive nights by Dr. Charles Price. In 1941, the official board of Glad Tidings Tabernacle made their facilities available for training and educating young people in Christian ministry and world missions. The British Columbia Bible Institute opened their doors in the fall of that year. The founder and first president of our Bible college was Rev. Ernie W. Robinson. Now known as Summit Pacific College and Graduate Studies Program, our Bible college continues to educate, empower and encourage students from all over Canada.

For the past 10 years I have concluded all my correspondence with the signature line, “We’re Better Together.” This is not merely a catch phrase or a trite slogan; it is the genuine expression of my heart. I’d like to express my deep appreciation for our general superintendent, David Wells, as well as executive officers David Hazzard and Murray Cornelius, who, along with their whole International Office team, have worked so hard to prepare for this General Conference.

I am confident that our time together will be a significant moment in the history of our Fellowship as we spend time in the presence of God and move forward together in our shared vision and mission.

We’re Better Together,

Ken Russell, B.C. & Yukon District Superintendent

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada