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NNN Cross-Cultural Worker

POSITION: Cross-cultural Worker(s) (city-wide)


Full time missionary appointment
Four-year term
Self-fundraised Support
Facilitated by Mission Canada and local Districts
Requires Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status

LOCAL PARTNERS: Local PAOC churches, believers and Christian partner agencies


MISSION ENVIRONMENT: This opportunity is currently available in these cities: Greater Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Windsor, London, Hamilton, GTA & suburbs, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax.


According to, 73.7% of Canada’s population live in one of our large urban centres. And this trend continues.


With the exception of 1.6M Indigenous Canadians, we are a country of immigrants. And this continues to increase. The 13 largest urban centers also host more than 90% of the Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, etc., of our nation as well, making them prime fields for fulfilling our missionary mandates in our nation. Statistics Canada estimates that by 2036 between 25 and 30% of Canadians will be immigrants, the highest proportion since 1871. Of these, 55 to 58% will be from Asia. Immigrants and second-generation individuals may be as high as 49.7% of our population by 2036. Thus, the cross-cultural need in our nation will continue to grow.


Reaching the unreached is a Kingdom priority. The King commissioned His Church to make disciples of all nations, be they far or near. Those of other religious worldviews, and those of none, are our neighbours, co-workers, fellow students today. They are our Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. We must reach them with the Good News of Jesus Christ. No passport required.


The team can be led by an individual, or consist of at least two people, ideally a husband and wife. Core needs for the team:

  1. Culturally sensitive. The work will be in English, however knowledge and fluency in national languages of unreached communities is a definite asset. A knowledge and understanding of their religious and cultural worldview is necessary. Ability to gain trust and respect in a new community is required.
  2. Flexible and open-minded. The worker(s) need to be adaptable to reach into the missional gaps in the various cross-cultural subcultures of recent immigrants.
  3. Enterprising and Resourceful. Ministry will be built right from scratch, including the development of contacts and networks. Ability to listen, learn, strategize, collaborate and follow through on the recognized needs of immigrants in the community.
  4. Focused and Self-Motivated. These opportunities are located in diverse metroplexes and local environments. The ability to live and work in unique cross-cultural subcultures with integrity, creativity, and drive is an absolute must.
  5. Skilled in Cross-cultural Ministry. Each team member will have either strong training or extensive experience in cross-cultural ministry.
  6. Accountable in all areas. Because this is a collaborative initiative, the team must be able to work with multiple accountabilities to the partners and stakeholders.
  7. Fundraising ability. The team must have a demonstrated ability or a willingness to learn to raise an approved budget each year.
  8. PAOC Credential. Ideally the candidate(s) will possess a PAOC credential. In lieu of that, there must be willingness and ability to gain one.


  1. Establish relationships with immigrant / other world-view communities for the purpose of sharing the Gospel. Programs such as ESL, acclamation to Canadian life with practical helps, and evangelistic Bible studies might be offered.
  2. Network and develop ministries with local churches, individual believers and local Sections to develop their skills in sharing the Gospel cross-culturally.
  3. Network with like-minded Christian groups for mutual prayer and encouragement.


For further information, or to express an interest in this Mission Canada worker opportunity, please share with us about yourself to get started at THIS LINK. If you have questions about a certain location opportunity, please include them in your response form. We look forward to hearing from you and following up with you shortly thereafter!

The PAOC welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodation is available upon request for applicants taking part in all aspects of the selection process.