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Bible Colleges & Seminaries


Summit Pacific College, Abbotsford, BC (formerly Western Pentecostal Bible College)

Aboriginal Bible Academy, Deseronto, ON

Pentecostal Sub-Arctic Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) College, Fort Smith, NWT

Vanguard College, Edmonton, AB (formerly Northwest Bible College)

Horizon College & Seminary, Saskatoon, SK (formerly Central Pentecostal College)

Global University Canada/International Correspondence Institute, Toronto, ON

Master’s College & Seminary, Peterborough, ON (formerly Eastern Pentecostal Bible College)

Institut Biblique Quebec, Montreal, QC

Mission & Purpose

Our Bible colleges and seminaries are an integral part of our Fellowship, training godly leaders both for ministry and vocation.  They exist to serve our constituencies in their uniqueness and diversity, exhibiting with passion and purpose the following characteristics.

They are:

  • Pentecostal -- Spirit-filled and Spirit-led
  • intergenerational
  • cross-cultural

They offer:

  • intentional mentoring
  • identification of leadership/empowerment of personal calling
  • relevant, practical ministry experiences -- integration of classroom and real-world learning
  • excellence in academics
  • passion for Canada
  • a focus on reaching a lost world

Our Bible colleges enrich the present vitality and future health of the local church, denomination (district and national), Canadian and international ministries. They engage people on their journey to fulfil God's call on their lives. Results include:

  • spiritual formation
  • whole-hearted, whole-minded living
  • authentic relationships
  • passion, purpose, perseverence, purity and power
  • disciples making disciples
  • ministry and vocation leadership
  • developing courageous, innovative leaders
  • developing healthy leaders to create healthy churches and ministries

We invite you to visit the websites listed above to learn more about what our Bible colleges have to offer.