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Fund Basics


Employers agree to participate in the Fund with the employee, at agreed upon contribution rates that fall between the minimum and maximum contribution percentages.They agree to send in the contributions according to Fund regulations, complete and remit the Annual Statement of Earnings & Contributions, via the Portal, by March 1st of each calendar year, and ensure that proper T4 filing is cared for.

For an employer, participation in the Fund is an excellent way to enhance an employee’s benefit package, as well as ensure that he/she is adequately provided for during the retirement years. Also, any investment in the PAOC Pension Fund is an investment in the growth of PAOC churches and ministries across Canada, since the Fund actively invests in church first mortgages.


For an employee, the Fund is a great way to save for retirement, offering a guaranteed lifetime pension with a 10% benefit rate on all contributions received.


The PAOC Pension Fund is led by a Board of Trustees, appointed by the General Executive, and regularly examined by a qualified actuary. Assets are invested in first mortgages from qualifying affiliated congregations and high quality equity investments in Canadian, U.S. and global markets. Consistent, stable long-term growth of the Fund keeps it annually listed among leading Canadian pension funds.

Audited financial statements are available for both Fund members and employers on the Pension Portal.