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Global Programs

Global Programs

Global Programs are a focused channel for an individual, church or organization to connect with Mission Global in a specific way, such as education, volunteering, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, youth ministry and more.

GlobalEd develops leaders who will impact their communities through self-sustaining church planting movements. It also assists national churches in equipping their leaders through educational programs.

GlobalWorks connects Canadian business people with business-for-transformation practitioners around the world with a common goal of developing community-impacting businesses and self-sustaining church planting movements, particularly in areas where access to the gospel is restricted and there is no national church today.

Missions and Kids (MAK) is an engagement and education program for children. MAK exists to help parents, pastors and churches foster a love of missions at home and overseas.

STM Network is the volunteer side of Mission Global. STM Network trains, mobilizes and supports global volunteers for short-term missions ranging from a few months to two years.

ZOE Network connects Canadian women, districts and churches with the work our global workers and national partners are doing to improve the lives of women around the world. ZOE Network also focuses on empowering women in Canada to become leaders in their communities.