Credential Applications


The PAOC provides credential services with the aim of helping our leaders to serve with integrity and professionalism, while remaining faithful to sound biblical doctrine.

The PAOC issues the following categories of credentials:

  • Ordained
  • Licensed Minister
  • Recognition of Ministry
  • Ministry Related

The criteria for each of these levels is found in By-Law 10 of The General Constitution and By-Laws.

For more information see Credentials – qualified to lead.

To apply for Ministerial Credentials, please contact the district office closest to your residence.

District Offices

British Columbia & Yukon
Alberta & Northwest Territories
Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario
Western Ontario
Eastern Ontario & Nunavut


The academic requirements for the Licensed Minister and Recognition of Ministry credential levels is attached here: Credential Course Requirements The time required to apply for ordination, with the licensed minister credential shall be a minimum of two full and continuous years of ministry. Applicants who are engaged in part-time ministry which involves at least 20 hours of active ministerial responsibility per week shall be eligible for ordination after four years of the equivalent of a minimum of two full years of continuous ministry. If, in the opinion of the district credential committee proven ministry would benefit by further review, the time requirement for approval of the ordination credential may be extended. (General Constitution By-Law

The PAOC recognizes the following Ministry Training Institutions for approved credits toward Ministerial Credentials: Ministry Training Institutions

If a credential applicant has taken courses at a different College/University/Seminary, those courses can be evaluated by the PAOC Bible College closest to where the credential applicant resides. This evaluation is done through the local district office as part of the credential application process.

Credential Application

To apply for Ministerial Credentials, please contact the district office closest to your residence.

Divorced and Remarried

If you have been divorced and are remarried or if you are married to someone who was previously divorced, a Divorced & Remarried Credential Application (and Spousal Supplement Application if applicable) are required in addition to the Application for Ministerial Credentials.

Divorced & Remarried Credential Applications (and Spousal Supplement Application if applicable) are processed through the Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Fellowship Services at the International Office, in cooperation with the Application for Ministerial Credentials being processed through the local district office.

For application forms and further information, please contact the International Office.