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This is Good News! A Story from Alan Slater

Alan  and Pauline Slater

A couple of years ago I “stumbled” on a website called “Quora” which is a secular site where anyone can ask a question on any subject. I registered as someone who was willing to answer questions on Christianity, the Christian faith, the evangelical position, the Pentecostal experience, and any other area which would normally fall under the description of “Apologetics.”

This has given me a retirement ministry where I am reaching thousands of people from all over the world who want to know about the Bible, salvation, eternity, the end times, etc.

Every day, the gospel is going out as I answer someone’s question about who Jesus is, about prayer, or about peace in our troubled world. These questions and answers are being read by several hundred people every day.

Obviously not everybody who sends me a comment is trying to be nice and supportive, but time and time again I have been tremendously blessed with responses from people who have drawn closer to the Lord, made life changing decisions, or simply thanked me for a clear and honest answer to things they have been wondering about for years.

In all my years of serving the Lord in a variety of ministries, I have never before had the opportunity to reach so many people with the gospel from the comfort of my own home.

The past four years of interaction on the Internet with people of all types, belief systems and philosophies has helped me develop a personal strength and measure of just how wonderful the Word of God is, how present the Spirit of God is, and how nourishing the Bread of Life is to those who are hungering and thirsting to know about our Living God.

When I started in December 2017, as far as I could see, I was the only one actually preaching the full gospel from a self-confessed Pentecostal position. At that time, scorn, insults and ridicule were the order of the day. This didn’t bother me at all; I just piled it on with the love of Jesus more and more until the nay-sayers went away. It settled down to just having to deal with honest atheists, unsure cultists, and very annoyed evolutionists. This drove me to study and discover more and better ways to share the Good News of Jesus and His love for a lost world. I learned about the fallacies of the Catholic Catechism and how the people are being deceived by it. I learned to get to the point when it comes to talking about the Lord Jesus in the face of so many false religions.

It opened doors to young people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, who are scared and depressed, for me to be able to share hope and encouragement from God’s precious Word. I would highly recommend this kind of ministry to any of our young Bible students who want to get their spiritual hands dirty in learning how to take on the fight with the enemy of our souls. To learn how to become familiar with the relevant areas of scripture when dealing with obvious spiritual warfare and how to get personally and spiritually prepared for the task day after day through first spending time in the presence of the Lord. It is exhilarating and highly satisfying to know you are helping hundreds if not thousands of seekers every time you sit at the computer.

Photo courtesy Alan Slater.