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This is Good News! A Story from Cedarview Church in Paris, Ontario

A group of children holding a parachute.

Imagine 127 children between the ages of 3-11, plus an incredible number of volunteers, all in one place for a week of fun, music, games and stories about who Jesus is!

Cedarview Church in Paris, Ontario, raised the roof in praise to our Lord each day between 9:30 and noon. What an incredible experience! Our program, “Weird Animals and Kids Camp,” was run by lead pastor Wendy Payne, and many willing hearts of students and adults who helped bring the message of Jesus to these community kids. Our theme was weird animals, and we were able to discover that just as the animals we learned about each day are unique in their special way, so are we beautifully and wonderfully created by our Saviour.

The days were filled with crazy outdoor games, snacks, unique crafts, and stories that shared the love of Jesus to our kids. It was beautiful to see as children from all walks of life and cultures came together as one to learn that there is a God who loves them so much that He died on the cross for them.

We dressed up each day in a different theme, from weird animals to wacky hair, princes, princesses and superheroes!

The week ended with the children having the opportunity to bring food to help support our food bank. Learning that there are many around us who don’t have food on their table was an interesting lesson for many to comprehend. They were excited to help in this incredible cause and to take time to pray over the food brought in and for the families who would receive it.

We closed the week with the opportunity to invite Jesus into their hearts! Many wrote their names on a blue sticky note and attached it to the crosses that were used to explain the story of Christ going to the cross for us.

In the final session, we invited the parents to attend and hear the songs we have been singing and to join Pastor Wendy and her team for a full-on dance party to worship Jesus.

They were invited to stay for a BBQ lunch afterwards. We had so many amazing moments to talk to parents, hear their stories and also encourage them that we are here for them as a church and would love to see them again. We were able to answer many questions about what we stand for as a church and why we feel it is so important to reach out and be a blessing to our community!

The following Sunday we had an outdoor service and we brought the crosses out to our congregation to pray over each of the names attached. Powerful moments!

It doesn’t stop there. Each child was sent home with a personal invitation to attend our next planned events for September, October and November. Registrations for these events are already pouring in. We at Cedarview feel follow up is *vital*! We are looking forward to how the Lord will allow us to pour more of Himself into these children and their families. If you think of us, please pray that we continue to be able to be the light of Jesus to our community and see many more come to surrender to Christ as their personal Saviour!

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Photos courtesy Cedarview Church. Used with permission.

Cedarview Church - kidsVolunteer in costume.Cedarview Church - children with balloonsVolunteer in costume.


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