Our Campus Ministry Apprenticeship (CMA) is a full-time, self-fundraised program that provides training for campus workers. The CMA is an opportunity to learn and develop the character and competencies necessary for a calling and mission among post-secondary students. It will include Biblical and practical ministry education, character development, and a wide variety of skill acquisition required for campus ministry service. It will involve learning and growing under the care and mentoring of veteran men and women in ministry who have modeled fruitfulness and godliness.

How Long Is The CMA Program?

The CMA is a 12-month program. The initial four months, May through August, is exclusively focused on theological training and fundraising and is unpaid until appropriate funding is raised. In other words, your pay starts when you are funded. September through April is paid with focused ministry on campus along with personal formation and continued theological training. A CMA program in Quebec will be longer (up to two years) depending on language proficiency.

How Is The CMA Funded?

The CMA is a fully fundraised position whereby salary and ministry costs are raised by the apprentice (ministry expenses are minimal). Training and direction for this process is provided. Monthly budgets for the CMA are determined for each person’s needs, with standards in place to ensure financial health.

Where Is The CMA Available?

The CMA is currently available on some campuses across British Columbia, McMaster University in Ontario and McGill University in Quebec. If you are deeply committed to serving Jesus and have a desire to minister to young adults during their post-secondary education, please send a resume in the form below.

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