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Our Purpose

We exist to help reconcile the 2 million people on Canadian post-secondary school campuses with Jesus

Over the past number of years, various PAOC ministries on universities and colleges have arisen across Canada. As they began to come together to share their vision and expertise, a larger Vision for the campuses of our nation began to come into focus. SERVE Campus Network emerged in order to give support and direction to this dynamic new movement. As a diverse network, we share a common commitment to reaching our campuses with biblical and intellectual integrity combined with a deep dependency upon the Holy Spirit.

Do you want to help reconcile students with Jesus?


We speak of Jesus frequently in everyday conversations and by creative means because He is transforming our lives.


We champion being generous contributors rather than mere consumers. We strive to add value to the culture of post-secondary institutions. 


We train students for growth in Godly character and skills development to be lifelong, fruitful disciple-making disciples of Jesus.


We network in strategic relationships with Red Frogs Support Network Canada, Alpha Canada, PAOC Mission Canada guiding groups, International Missions, PAOC districts, churches, and many others. 


We initiate C5 ministry expressions on every viable campus because students need access to the gospel in order to grow in their faith.

Get In Touch With Us

SERVE is a network of C5 campus ministries in relationship with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC)