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Time flies when you are investing in lives, discipling young people, and raising leaders who will change the world. What a busy 60 days since our last update. Shelley has now wrapped up another academic year having done an amazing job creating genuine community in her classes (coffee and baking helps). Many students have stopped by her office in the last few weeks to comment on how much being in her classes has changed them this term. These last 2 months have included a 25th Anniversary for LCC International University and was capped with a celebratory graduation last Saturday. Kirk’s work has literally taken him around the world. In addition to the events described below he has been to Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau supporting colleges in each of those locations. While he misses the regular connection with students, he is enjoying the opportunity to draw from his knowledge and experience that helps equipping institutions and programs to be more effective. Thank you for making this possible! We trust you will be encouraged with the insight into what God is doing through us that the stories below represent. We are grateful for your prayers. We rely on your support.
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