Fishers of Men by the Bowler Family

“I will make you fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men…If you follow me"
Do you know that song? When you know Jesus and how he heals and comforts and transforms your life, then you can’t keep it quiet! So, as missionaries, we are fishers of men! But, instead of killing our “fish”, we let Jesus give them life!
Here’s what we do:
First, we pray and ask God where we should go. He knows where the “fish” are biting! Then we walk through and pray over the area. We start to get to know some of the people.
Usually, if people aren’t in a hurry, we can chat with them. Our conversations often go like this:
US: How are you?
THEM: I’m fine, thank you. And you?
US: I’m fine. You’re reading (resting, eating, studying, etc).
THEM: Yes, I am. You’re walking.
US: Yes, we like to walk and when we walk, we pray. Oh! Since we’re praying, is there anything we can pray for you about?
(Senegalese always love to be prayed for! And then the conversation moves to talking about deeper things.)



Judy and girls

One day, Judy met a woman who was hungry and had walked all day looking for work to feed her children. Judy prayed with her and gave her a bit of money. She was so happy! Awhile later, she called to say that she had been offered, not one, but two jobs!
Another day, there was a group of school girls who wanted to know what Judy did for work. Judy said, “I am a Storyteller” and they cried, “Tell us a story!” so Judy told the story of Jesus and the children and explained it to them.



 Micro SD (memory) cards

We carry micro SD (memory) cards with us that have the New Testament and other Bible material on them.  People love listening to them on their phones and hearing the Word of God in their language. A local guard really liked it and took it home to play for his family through a loud speaker he has.  Now he says he has 100 people who come to listen each week!


Listening to the Bible on a phone

Now we have a portable wireless router that has Bible content in 10 different languages so people can download anything they want for free! This student pastor is downloading everything in his language to his phone so he can share Christ with others!
Prayer Walking is a great way to share the love and power of Jesus!


Phil and Judy Bowler serve in Senegal West Africa. Their sons David (Oct 99) and Mathias (May 96) are now in university in Canada.

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