Our New Life in Bangkok

Almost five months ago our family moved to Bangkok, Thailand. There are four of us: Zala (age 3), Daxon (age 5), Amber (age 34), and Matthew (age 33). We sold most of our stuff and picked the items we really love to be sure we only brought our most favourite things to Thailand. We took 2 airplane rides to get from Canada to Thailand.

There are so many new things to learn and there was a lot to do when we got here. We had to find an apartment to live in, explore what is in our neighbourhood, and where to get the things we need. We adventured through big stores like we have in Canada and we wandered through huge markets where people sell things from tables under umbrellas.

We’re learning to eat with a spoon and a fork (you use the fork to push food onto your spoon) or we use chopsticks…but those are harder! We’re learning how to take the SkyTrain, ride in taxis (no seatbelts there), and sit very still on motorcycle taxis. We’re also learning to stay cool in hot weather. It’s the “cool season” right now and so the lows are around 23° and the highs are around 32°. Almost everyday is summer weather. When we first came to Bangkok, it was the rainy season and the streets filled with rainwater everyday.


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