All They Had to Give from Scott and Melissa Williams in El Salvador


Something remarkable happened in Airdrie, Alberta when we were there a few months ago.

At the end of one of our services where we were scheduled to speak and share about El Salvador, four boys and their mother approached us. They had been in the service the night before and heard us sharing about El Salvador and what God is doing there.

The mother started to share about how what we said had impacted her family and that her boys, on their way home, said they wanted to give us something the next day.

As it turns out, they gave all they had for the children of El Salvador. From their birthday money to some savings and even one boy's toy car...they gave all they had to give!

After travelling Canada and sharing about what it happening here in El Salvador we are taken aback by the generosity of everyone.

Without exaggerating...we want you to know.

  • What has happened in El Salvador is directly related to you.

  • What will happen in El Salvador is directly related to you.

  • God has and will do great things here and around the world because of your prayers, finances and you personally coming to El Salvador.

  • We are having a global impact because of you.

While we could never properly show it, but we want to say thank you and let you know that we appreciate you! Thank you for believing in all of us!

 - Scott, Melissa, Sophia and Hudson Williams, global workers in El Salvador


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