Equipping in Egypt


Recent news of political unrest, terrorism, migration tragedies and persecution of Christians might cause despair, but let me share some good news. God is at work in a very special way in Egypt and we are privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of what He is doing. 

Consider these encouraging words from Rev. Murray Cornelius, Executive Director for International Missions:

Can you hear it? A wind is blowing through the Middle East and North Africa and many are responding to the good news of the gospel. How will the church conserve this harvest? The Middle East Evangelical Theological Seminary in Egypt is a creative school, providing training at multiple sites so that the church will be ready for the transforming work of the Spirit of God. He is at work in unprecedented ways. From a land of ancient history, God is shaping destiny. 

The mission of the college is to train present and future leaders for work and service in the Middle East and North Africa. The school meets in six different locations in Egypt, serving 381 students and 80 volunteer staff members. This school offers diploma, undergraduate and graduate degree studies. 

What keeps them going strong in the face of great opposition and challenge? Faith that God is at work coupled with testimonies of His faithfulness and grace.


Maged was a young lawyer in the city of New Minya. He was a believer with a hunger to learn the Word of God. One day he was studying the Bible on a ship by the Nile river.

A staff member of the college, guided by the Holy Spirit, boarded that ship and met Maged. He asked Maged if he was interested in studying the Bible in greater depth. “Yes, I really need that,” was Maged’s response.

The staff member shared about the college and Maged joined the program in El Minya. During his four years of study God spoke to Maged about entering into full-time ministry.

He left his work as a lawyer, planted a new church in a location where there was no previous Christian activity, and continues to shepherd what has now become a vibrant community of Jesus followers.

There are many more stories like this one represented in the 2,500 graduates that the Middle East Evangelical Theological Seminary in Egypt has equipped for ministry. Amazing!

We are excited about our partnership in this ministry. Our intent is to raise $35,000 for focused support of the Middle East Evangelical Theological Seminary in Egypt. 

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