A Church is Born in Gitega

The response was more than we could have imagined.  Absolutely wonderful and overwhelming! 

We rented a room with capacity for at least 110 chairs. Approximately 20 Christian Life Ministries members from the church in Bujumbura came up to support in any way they could.  The Pastoral, worship and tech team were another 20.  However, most of our team couldn’t get seats inside… the room was packed and rows of chairs provided outside! Aren’t you glad there are larger room options?


The wonderful new sound system purchased by the three-year-old “momma church” in Bujumbura was put together under great pressure as the clearing and travel (including one truck breakdown so everything could be repacked into a second truck) was made available on a tight time limit!


The worship team from Buja excelled; the dance beautifully portrayed the CROSS; and everyone worked joyfully.  Eighteen people responded to the clear salvation message.  The three cells that we had up and running in homes in advance were already running at capacity and cannot possibly manage the HUGE intake. Elmer will see to it that a CENTRAL cell at the Rehoboth Motel tonight gathers together the new people ready to attend home cells and make preparations for more growth.


None of this can happen without obstacles and challenges.  Numerous “hiccups” were experienced. We could not have anticipated the political party elections that took place exactly on this chosen weekend; the road blocks and vehicle accidents witnessed by team members while travelling the two hour journey, nor the size of the crowd that was attracted by paper invitations and word of mouth only!


Can you imagine what lies ahead? Please PRAY diligently.  This baby church alone could stand a full time team!  

Pray that Gitega experiences a CITYWIDE move of God.  PRAY that the “soil” of each new believer’s heart will remain tender and that growth and fruitfulness will be obvious.

Love & Thanks,

Elmer & Sherry, global workers in Burundi

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