4-14: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty One Child At A Time


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“Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.”

Proverbs 14:31

There are over 450 children sponsored through ChildCARE Plus (CCP) in Thailand. In the north, many tribal families live in very remote areas with no access to schooling, so it is necessary to send children to attend school in other parts of the country. Group homes need financial support for the everyday care of the children.  ChildCARE Plus helps provide support for the care of the children. In the cities, the cycle of family poverty, low income, the high cost of food and accommodations prevent many children from attending school. CCP provides a supplement and enables children to buy the clothing and educational supplies needed to attend school. 
 dsc07211c8f54f6cb2cf645badfcff00009d593aMany families earn small incomes through farming rice, sugar cane or vegetables. Often farming is unpredictable and unreliable due to periods of intense dryness and extreme flooding. Depending on the region other employment is found in local factories, market small businesses, and general labour jobs.

Despite some poverty reduction and decades of rapid development, many groups have been left behind. The most vulnerable of these being ethnic minorities, the poor, migrants, and refugees. Their children are often the most disadvantaged and denied their basic rights to education, healthcare, and other social services. It is thought that more than 1 million children are in need of protection, including orphaned children, children affected by HIV/AIDS, street children, children with disabilities, children in conflict with the law, child labourers and children without birth registration.


The ChildCARE Plus program is opening up a world of opportunity to children by bringing real and practical care to the seemingly hopeless. CCP focuses primarily on education, knowing that it is the key to helping a child break free from the cycle of poverty that they are faced with. CCP sponsorship in Thailand provides an individual child with a school uniform, shoes, books and other school supplies and school fees. Funds also help to provide transportation costs to school, and food items for the family.


Attendance at a summer camp, as well as weekly Bible studies helps children understand that God loves them deeply and has a unique plan for their lives. The ‘plus’ in ChildCARE Plus is that children learn about God. All parents are informed that this is a Christian organization, and we ask permission to tell their children about Jesus and His love. The parents are invited to come and listen to what their children are being taught. The CCP administrators have seen both children, and their parents come to know Jesus because of ChildCARE Plus. Communities change as the lifestyle of families change.

child-sponsorshipLearn more about ChildCARE Plus child sponsorship at www.erdo.ca.

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