4-14: Ending Poverty One Child At A Time


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John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same."

Luke 3:11

The United Nations created the sustainable development goals last year. These are 17 things that would improve our world by realizing the human rights of all for the next 15 years. ERDO is committed to working on the Sustainable Development Goals. One goal is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere.

ChildCARE Plus child sponsorship lifts a child out of poverty by giving them a chance to attend school and meet their basic needs. In 28 developing countries, ERDO joins with dedicated and caring workers who help children suffering from poverty and other injustices.  Children like, Dayrin, from Guatemala receive hope for their future. Dayrin’s family live in a very poor rural neighbourhood in Guatemala. Her father works as a general labourer but his job is not stable. They are not able to provide for all of the family’s needs as well as school fees. ChildCARE Plus child sponsorship allows Dayrin to stay in school as it pays for the public school fees. Child sponsorship is one way to help achieve this sustainable development goal, ending poverty for one child at a time, creating more opportunities for their future.


Above: Dayrin

Here's a recent interview with Hector and Ruth Aragon, a PAOC Global Workers in Guatemala who give oversight to the ChildCARE Plus program there.


Above: Hector & Ruth Aragon

Please describe the main challenges for the children that you work with.

More than half of the children that we work with have very little to live on. They live well below the poverty line. Basically in a surviving mood. In Guatemala in general 50% of the children 5 years of age are malnourished and so they schooling, when they start is with a lot of deficiencies. Parents illiteracy may be another problem we deal with constantly as 40 % of the total Guatemalan population does not know how to read or write. So, small or apparently insignificant health practices for us are not known to them and therefore not  observed. Drinking potable water not available may be another cause of challenges for the  families we minister to. Most families live on agriculture and usually they consume more than they produce. Health care may another challenge families we work with face every time. Very little government resources are invested on public education or health. Silly preventable diseases like common cold or diarrhea are most causes of death. Social and cultural exclusion could also be mentioned. Social classed and colonialism practises are still the order of the day and families with NO resources suffer the consequences of having been born in poverty.

What motivates you in your work with ChildCARE Plus?

Our main motivator would be the love for God and the hope that these children can one day, with the help of Christ centered education, will break the mold of poverty for themselves and that they could become the next generation of leaders.


How do children learn about Jesus through ChildCARE Plus in your area?

The schools we support are the evangelistic arm of a local assembly of God church. Therefore the pastor, a member of his family or any one teacher from the congregation takes the challenge of teaching Christianity and having daily of weekly devotionals.

What is the main impact of the program on children?

Faith is build up and Christian character strengthen. The home is encourage to do their part in the bringing up the children in the counsel of the Lord and communities are transformed a soul at the time.

From your experience, have you found that the research on children and their faith is true in the area you work in?



Do you have any additional comments or stories from children in the program?

Child sponsorship works!! It is wonderful to get involved in the life of the families that have so many challenges and yet, with faith in God and Hope in a better future with him and His strength… they can become all that God their creator has intended for them to become.


We have many individuals, businesses, churches and groups who sponsor a child. For $37.00/month a child’s basic needs, such as food, shelter, education and medical aid are met. Children also learn about God’s love for them. Learn more about sponsoring a child at www.erdo.ca/how-child-sponsorship-works


Learn more about ChildCARE Plus child sponsorship at www.erdo.ca.

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