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The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. 

Proverbs 22:9

More than 60 million children live in Bangladesh, the majority of whom live in poverty. Many people are unemployed making it difficult for parents to provide food, healthcare, and education for their children. The rate of malnutrition is high and mostly affects poor families who don't have the means to feed themselves.

Education in Bangladesh is free and mandatory for children. However, often children from low income households do not attend school but instead are forced to work and find small jobs. Those children who grow up without an education are more likely to live dismal lives, working long hours with low salaries. They often end up in prostitution and abusive situations.

Through the In-School Feeding Program in Bangladesh 6,823 children between the ages of 4 to 7 are fed six days a weekThere are also 327 volunteers and 109 teachers who also receive food at the 109 pre-primary schools. They receive high energy biscuits, which are healthy energy packed cookies, before school and again later in the morning. The feeding program makes a significant difference in the children’s health and their ability to concentrate at school.Their parents are motivated to keep sending their children to school because they will receive food.

Alrakhi is a four-year-old boy who is attending the feeding program at his school. His teacher says, “When Alrakhi started school he was tiny and sometimes missed school because he was ill. We have seen him grow in front of us, and since the feeding started, he has not missed one day.” Alrakhi shows his parents what he is learning in school, and they are learning from him, as neither of them can read.



Shapla is a four-year-old girl attending the feeding program at her school. Her mother says, “Before the biscuit feeding started, I was ashamed to bring them (her two daughters) to school because I had no meal to give them in the morning. If I did not find work in the morning, there would be no tea or rice for a mid‐day meal for the children. Shapla was too tired to play with the other kids. My family is thankful for this help feeding my kids. Because the biscuits are given before school starts, I can leave earlier to find work and know they will not be hungry when I pick them up.”


The Life Campaign is one of the supporters of the In-School Feeding Program in Bangladesh. Youth from across Canada are raising money to help feed children.


1-millionThis year ERDO’s goal is to provide 1 million cookies for the feeding program. Will you join us? Learn more at:


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