‘Bridge to Freedom’: fighting human trafficking across Europe Part 1

Anna Armitage is a Global Worker with her husband, Sheldon in Slovakia. Anna is an active member in the fight against human trafficking. We asked Anna some questions about how this area of ministry came to be her passion!

11356184_10155506335590214_796455897_nAnna and Sheldon Armitage with their girls

1) When did you first get involved in fighting against human trafficking?

My story started to actively unfold since about 2008 when I met a dear friend Patricia who has been ministering to prostituted women for decades. She was bit of a pioneer and a real legend in this ministry and when I heard her speak about prostitution and human trafficking, my life was changed forever. I got to spend some time with Patricia over the years that followed, learning and listening. She has been a mentor who not only opened my eyes but also provided steps and sound advice in my personal journey. She opened doors for me with strategic connections to people and organizations that enabled me to get plugged into the work of anti-trafficking movement in Europe. Recently, Patricia lost her battle to cancer and went to her eternal Home but she has left an enormous legacy in countless lives here on Earth.

 2) Did you see or hear a story that inspired you to get involved?

There were too many similar yet different stories, all heartbreaking, surreal but true. All involving injustice, unfairness, deep human suffering. These were the initial calls to action in my life. I took time alone and with my husband and friends to pray, and to seek a path for my involvement. I read many important books on the issue that helped me understand the current situation, I researched, studied, met people working in this sphere… Out of obedience to God’s direction, I enrolled into a journalism degree at the university in my city, believing that this is one of my ways of getting involved.

3) How much impact do you think a large organization can have instead of people working alone to fight these problems?

 I believe there are and have been many amazing individuals and small groups who have put their lives on the line in the fight against human trafficking. They have won countless battles over the years. It is their hard work, determination, love of people and passion for justice that have made this issue visible and put it onto the world’s agenda. But I am equally thrilled that there are larger bodies of people arising at present who are giving these issues a much larger scale. There is incredible strength when people come together with common goal and passion. I believe it will move mountains. I am greatly privileged to be a part of European Freedom Network whose goal it is to bring together all those fighting this battle individually in order to gain greater collective strength and to share resources in the best possible way to achieve great victories.

4) How can we pray/help with the problem here in Canada?

This is a global problem. It may look slightly different from country to country or have variations from continent to continent. But we are well aware now that no matter how under-researched these issues are, they are real, they exist everywhere. We can pray as God’s children for the Father to work miracles on behalf of His oppressed sons and daughters. God will not be indifferent towards injustice. We can join voices with those who work tirelessly on these issues. We can get informed, not just get momentarily inspired by some sensational news of the hour; we can get involved through joining those who have been working on the political scene by supporting them; we can spread awareness but again, after we have done our research. Most importantly, we need to pray. Pray for those that have been called to this work, pray for those that are daily suffering under the unjust oppression, pray for God’s Spirit to do His work. 

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