How God Dramatically Changed One Man’s Life to Reach Thousands More

By Lynn Brownlee  

On April 1st, 1990 a 72 passenger school bus rolled into the parking lot of the Christian Life Assembly in Langley, British Columbia with just a handful of children coming out to Sunday School.  From that small beginning was birthed Metro Kids Society, a bus ministry that would go on to reach thousands of at risk children, preteens, and youth in the inner city.  Twenty five later, this book, “Every Child Deserves to Know”, takes a look at how it all began, with the incredible redemptive story of its founder, Graham Hanson.

This book releases in April 2015.  Here are a few snapshots into Graham’s story. It will have you on the edge of your seat as you read it, realize his story and see how you, too, can have an eternal impact on the next generation through your obedient response to God’s call. 

(Chapter One Excerpt)

“Bus Driver, what’s a krrriissst?” sounded out the cherubic little girl with braided brown hair as she plunked herself down on the school bus seat.

“A krist?” wondered Graham Hanson, as he sat behind the wheel welcoming each child aboard with a cheerful greeting.   

“On that sign,” she said, pointing her finger out the window.

“Oh, that!” Graham replied, looking at the “Please keep the Christ in Xmas” billboard on the church lawn. “That doesn’t say krist. It says Christ.”

"What’s a Christ?” she questioned innocently.

“Well, it’s another name for Jesus.”

 The girl stared back at him blankly.

 “You know, Jesus. Like baby Jesus in the manger… Christmas is his birthday….” Graham slowly trailed off as it became apparent to him that the little girl simply had no clue who or what he was talking about. As the remaining children found their seats and he closed the door and pulled away from the curb, Graham felt stunned. How could this girl, born and raised in Canada, have no idea who Jesus was? How could she not know that Christmas was actually about Him? ...

It was an innocent question from a little brown-haired girl who had never heard the name of Jesus Christ.  It was a question that launched Graham Hanson, into a lifelong mission to reach a generation of children who had no one to tell them that Jesus loved them.  What makes this story even more remarkable is how God transformed Graham from a drinking, drug dealing, high school dropout, headed down a path of destruction, to a passionate minister of Christ’s love to the inner city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.  You will be inspired and challenged by the stories of God’s miraculous leading and provision, and one man’s determination and obedience.

(Chapter 2 Excerpt)

As a teen with the attitude of “I can do what I want, when I want,” Graham fully immersed himself in the party lifestyle, staying up all night and experimenting with LSD, marijuana, and alcohol in friends’ darkened basements. It was the early 1970’s and Graham fit right in with his long hair, bell bottoms, and outlandish flowing shirts. He felt like he was really living life to its fullest: partying, drinking, doing drugs, and chasing girls. The question at the time was always, “Have you been turned on yet?” as hallucinogenic drug use was the order of the day. Graham couldn’t wait till he turned sixteen so that he could legally quit school and start working. He wanted to “live his own life, and be his own man,” and going to school every day just did not fit into that picture.

On his sixteenth birthday Graham quit school and started working at a saw mill outside of town. He packed a few things into a beat-up duffle bag, and had his parents take him to the workers’ camp. It was a long, silent car ride, and when they arrived Graham quickly jumped out, shut the door, and never looked back, half afraid of what his Mom and Dad’s faces would look like. Deep down inside he knew that his parents’ hearts were breaking, but he was determined not to let anything or anyone stop him from living life the way he wanted…  

authorAbout the Author

Lynn Brownlee firmly believes that everyone has a story to tell.  She has loved writing since she was a little girl, and is honoured to share this biography with others.  She has also written multiple curriculum packages that are designed to reach unchurched children.  She has worked alongside her husband, Mike, with Metro Kids Society for the last twenty years, and finds joy in being a mom to her daughters, Faith, Jaira, and Elianna.

To connect with Lynn, email


To read the rest of the story, order your copy today by calling Wordcom Christian Resources at (905) 542-7400, Ext. 4248.  

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