Introduction To Book Reviews

The book reviews were commissioned by the Theological Commission in the summer of 2017 as part of the project to refresh the Statement of Faith and Essential Truths of the PAOC. The Theological Commission has benefited by the reviews, and now that benefit is being extended to all credential holders. By circulating the book reviews, we intend to promote discussion among our leadership.

Similar to a reading list in a course syllabus, these books were selected by the Theological Commission for their diversity. Neither the collection as a whole nor any one book represents the official viewpoint of the Theological Commission or of the PAOC. We asked each reviewer for both a summary of content and a reflection on the relevance of the content for our refresh project.

As for the selection of the reviewers themselves, a list of names was compiled primarily from recommendations from the General Executive. Forty-three individuals were approached, and over half of them agreed to complete the assignment. We are grateful for the work that they did. All reviewers have given permission for their work to be circulated to other credential holders.


A username and password is necessary to view the documents. An email was sent to active credential holders with the username and password. You cannot register for access, refer to the email that was send to you or contact info@paoc.org if you ​have problems.