PAOC Missions Prayer - the week of October 11, 2018

PAOC Missions Prayer - the week of October 11, 2018

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Dominican Republic

Pray that God would bring physical healing to Adrian who has returned to Canada for medical treatment. Here is an update so you can pray effectively:

"I had my appointment yesterday with the surgeon who operated on me last year here in Canada. Sadly, it was not the news I was hoping for. Although I am in great health for my age, the bacterial infection has taken up residence in my body and resulted in all the surgeries last year. It is susceptible to two antibiotics but neither has eradicated the infection. I have been on both. It always returns after the round of antibiotics ends, so they want to look at some other options. I have continued to maintain my daily life and ministry but every now and then it just knocks me down. I am scheduled for a follow-up appointment on October 23rd here in Canada for some tests and a procedure under anesthesia. I have been fighting this bacterial infection for a few years now and my body has/is taking a beating, so I appreciate your prayers."

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