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BUILDING BLOCKS: We Are His Living Stones

Missions and Kids

Do you like to play with Lego? I do! I know I’m not a kid anymore but there’s this thing about Lego and the act of building something that appeals to me and across all generations.

Sometimes when playing with Lego, I like to have a specific building project in mind and follow the step by step instructions. Other times, I like to create something entirely new and explore what those possibilities can lead to. Either way, in the end, playing with Lego is an exciting occasion to create, simply by putting pieces of blocks together. It is a lot of fun and so rewarding- especially when you see the results!

Lego reminds me of the analogy of God’s Church, made up of people like you and me that are likened to building bricks. Second Peter 2:5 says: ‘you also, like living stones, are being  built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.’

kelly-sikkema-198975-unsplashThe remarkable thing about God’s plan for His children is that each of us ‘bricks’ or ‘living stones’ have a very important and key role to play in building God’s Church. If there’s even just one stone missing, the church is not complete and cannot fully function as God intended it to. He has given us His Word, a step by step instruction on how to be His Church. As Creator God, we also can do creative things that are fun, meaningful and have an eternal impact. We need each other and as His Church, we need to shine brightly as the living stones He calls us to be.

The next time you play with Lego, consider this: you are part of a bigger God story! And, as you read the stories from Global Workers, from ERDO and Mission Canada in this MAK Fall issue, you’ll soon discover that God has a purpose, a very specific and unique one for you to live out as part of His plan. That plan ultimately is to see others come to know Him as Lord and Saviour so that together, His Church can be fully built. When we live out His plan for our lives, this is our offering and act of worship to God.

And remember, God uses EVERY generation to fulfil that plan! While oftentimes we see adults do amazing things for God and think that we have to wait until we’re older to be used, consider this: He used David to kill the giant Goliath, He used Daniel to influence an entire nation to repent from worshiping idols and follow God and He used Mary to be the mother of Jesus. God wants to use you too!

When we live out His plan for our lives, this is our offering and act of worship to God.

What is God speaking to your heart today? Is there something you want to do to express your love for Jesus and others? Are you wondering how you can make a difference in your school, your community, or with your friends? Why not take some time to stop and pray, and ask Him to show you? Jesus wants you to ask, and He wants to show you too! With God, we can do all things. We are His kids and His living stones. Together, we are His Church and together, we can  shine our light so bright so that others may come to know His love.

Jodey Hutchings is the Partner Relations and Print Communications Manager for PAOC International Missions and gives oversight to the Missions and Kids global program as Managing Editor. She is actively involved in her home church of PORTICO in Mississauga where her husband Dwayne serves on staff as Associate Pastor.