International Missions Staff

Lead Team

International Missions Staff

D. Murray Cornelius

Executive Director for International Missions

Victoria Ninaber

Director, Communications & Global Operations

Darcy McAlister

Director, Personnel & Family Life

Support Staff

International Missions Staff

Jennie Bak

Personnel & Family Life Administrative Assistant

Trevor Buehler

Business Analyst & Global Worker Service Representative (Eurasia)

Leanna Colonna

Global Worker & Financial Services Representative (GV & Latin America & Caribbean Region)

Cindy Cornelius

Prayer Coordinator & Writing Specialist

Nancy Gibson

Manager of Training & Care

Kerry Halliwell

Senior Manager of Global Operations

Monica Helbrecht

Manager of Mobilization & Human Resources

Jodey Hutchings

Manager of Partner Relations and Print Communications

Matt Janes

Manager of Global Volunteers

Leanne McAlister

Canadian Liaison for Zoe Projects

Lucas McIntyre

Creative Services

Sharon Morgan

Global Worker Service Representative (Africa & South East Asia Regions)

Valerie Penney

Timothy Fund Manager

Rebecca Straforelli

Member Care Specialist

Graeme Wilson

Development Specialist

Hana El Zohiry

Development Assistant