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Photo banner by Scott Graham on Unsplash of a man signing a paper.

Business As Mission


Business as Mission (BAM) creates sustainable opportunity to reach the least reached and provide for the vulnerable. Establishing profitable, sustainable business strengthens and uplifts both the social fabric and local economy. By generating jobs that provide needed products and services, we solve social problems and create access to the unreached, equip national leaders and bring dignity to the vulnerable. Use your passion, skills and experience to partner with others globally.


We are looking for people with entrepreneurial spirit and/or business skills, education or experience to start new businesses and address business sustainability. Those who can train and mentor others in profitable and reproducible business practices are also needed.


Our international team will walk with you along the way – from application to deployment. Cross-cultural training, administrative support and coaching will be provided, along with assistance for promotional and fundraising efforts.

Opportunities listed below are available in short-term, mid-term and long-term appointments and can be volunteer or career.

RAN, ERDO, VOH and GlobalEd opportunities are designated with their corresponding logos.