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Photo Banner of a group of girls and Judy Bowler smiling (right), and three boys smiling at the camera (left), with a headline of "Reach West Africa with the gospel."

Sonfonia Health and Training Centre


In Guinea’s capital Conakry, Alleluia Church, the national Pentecostal church, is bringing the gospel to the Sonfonia neighbourhood by developing a paediatric clinic and training centre for church planters. Their vision is to reach thousands of families and catalyze the planting of 1,000 churches over the next ten years! 


Caring for Our Neighbours: 


In Guinea, a gap in healthcare for children exists. As a result, the infant mortality rate is almost 20x Canada’s. Moreover, the scourge of malaria, respiratory infections, and diarrheal diseases affects many children. In addition, there are few pediatric services available, so most children go untreated, increasing the risks even further.  


The Sonfonia Health and Training Centre will provide the following: 

  • Provide paediatric healthcare services to 25 patients per day. 
  • Deliver healthcare for 7,800-10,000 children each year. 
  • Improve health outcomes through education and community outreach. 

Reaching West Africa with the Gospel: 


Guinea is also largely unreached, with 95% of the population practising Islam. However, the Alleluia Church is successfully planting churches throughout the country. Their goal is to care for community needs, develop lasting friendships, and witness people come to Christ. 

The top floor of the centre will be used to do the following: 

  • Equip 150 church planters and 750 lay leaders for ministry in North and West Africa each year. 
  • Train community outreach workers. 
  • Plant ten churches each year among unreached people groups in West Africa. 

The initial phase of the centre has already been completed with the second phase currently underway!