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Next Generation Children


kids in a rowWeekly Bible reading in Canada has fallen by half since 1996. Surprisingly, the frequency of Bible reading is much the same for older and younger Bible readers. Older used to be known to be the more frequent readers. (Bible Engagement, 2014)

It is critical that we seek out ways to encourage and engage the next generation of children and teens in the daily reading of Scriptures, and in helping them understand what they are taking in. Children who do not yet know Christ can discover what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus as they spend time in the Word reading how others chose to follow Him. The Word brings life. 

Almost 2/3’s of Canadians (64%) and 6 in 10 Christians agree that the scriptures of all major world religions teach essentially the same things.

Those who do are likely to disregard the teachings of these texts and find a common ethic of social peace behind the texts. (Bible Engagement, 2014)

Kids today are surrounded by a smorgasbord of religious beliefs as they grow up in a nation that is so ethnically diverse. It is important that they are taught the differences between the Christian faith and other religious beliefs at their level of understanding. As we disciple children and teens, we must be clear and scripturally accurate on what it means to be a follower of Christ, and then help kids see how that applies to daily living. We must teach them what it means to have a Biblical worldview.

90% of leaders surveyed said leadership development should begin by age 21 and 50% said by age 10. Include a younger generation in your planning meetings as you plan for a Canada themed event. Allow them to take responsibilities and to carry them out. 

16.7% of Manitobans are First Nations people. Over 70% of children in foster care are First Nations children. A significant number of these children in care are not with families but instead are living in hotels. We need transformation in this area. The church must be part of the transformation, but because of the residue of the residential schools, it is difficult to build trust, let alone effective strategy. Pray with us that God would intervene and kids’ lives and situations would change.