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Quebec and Francophone Canada

8+ million people

3.95 million speak French only.

360,000 speak English only.

2.70 million speak both French and English.

This is Quebec.

French-Canadian culture is more than 75%
Catholic but less than 20% ever attend mass. 
On 6% do so on a weekly basis.

Quebec is working hard at being at the centre of "La Francophonie". Urbanization is a major factor. Five urban centres in Quebec make up 60% of the population (5 million people). Religion permeates the culture. "Spirituality" is what interests people.
Over 1.8 million have NO Protestant
Evangelical Church in their community.

Protestant Evangelicals (Baptist, Pentecostal,
Mennonite, Salvation Army, other
traditional Evangelical groups)
make up 4% of the total population in Quebec.
Yet Sunday morning attendance in
Protestant Evangelical churches is less than 1%
of the Quebec population.

The PAOC has 105 churches in Quebec. 
72 are French, 17 are English,
9 are First Nations, 7 are ethnic.

85% of all Senior Pastors in our
French-speaking PAOC churches across Western
and Eastern Ontario, Québec and
the Maritimes have studied at Institut
Biblique du Québec (IBQ), our PAOC French
Bible College located in Montreal