Missional Vitality

Powerpoint Presentations

Slide1 2020 Initiative Missional Vitality Tour


Untitled-1 Missional Vitality Cross-Canada Tour – Family Conversation Feedback

Revitalization Videos

Slide1 2020 Initiative Missional Vitality Tour – 2020 Initiative Update - Vision and Revitalization - Dave Wells
Slide15 Continual Revitalization of a Church over the Years – Gary Taitinger
Slide16 Engaging the Revitalization of a Suburban Church in Decline - Derrick Hamre
Slide17 Revitalization in Rural and Small Communities - Louis Halbgewachs
Slide18 Tenaciously Pursuing the Vision of a New Day - Bob Jones
Slide19 Family Conversations – Discussion on Revitalization & Resource Recommendations

Multiplication Videos

Slide23 Dave Wells "Multiplication"
Slide31 Multiplication Through Partnership - New Hope Church Plant in North Pickering, Ontario
Slide32 A Local Church Committed to Multi-Site Multiplication - Bill Markham
Slide34 Multiplication in the Uttermost – Murray Cornelius / Brent Cantelon
Slide35 Family Conversations – Discussion re Multiplication

NOTE:  There are two other videos that were part of the Multiplication messaging for the Missional Vitality Cross-Canada Tour. Due to their sensitive nature, they are not posted online. For further information, please contact the Communications Department of the PAOC at (905) 542.7400 ext. 5262.