Kirk & Shelley Kauffeldt

Ministry Location: Lithuania, Eurasia

Ministry Focus: Kirk and Shelley Kauffeldt have been serving as global workers for 17 years in leadership training programs in Kenya, Indonesia and currently in Lithuania. Prior to serving overseas Kirk worked at Trinity Western University for ten years and also serve in the International Missions Office while completing his Doctoral studies in Higher Education at University of Toronto. Kirk is the Director for GlobalEd, the equipping program of PAOC International Missions, which supports the work of PAOC theological education and leadership initiatives around the world. This involves consultation and advising for purposes of strategic effectiveness and the mobilization of scholarship support and short-term personnel to support the work of international partners. Shelley is a lecturer in the English Department of LCC International University, a Christian liberal arts institution with students from 31 countries. She is a specialist in EFL/ESL training and also serves as the graduate programs administrator. They are both actively involved in their church, City Church, one of the largest evangelical churches in Lithuania.

Ministry History: Kirk and Shelley began the international phase of their mission journey in 1999 when they moved with their two children, Devon and Kaitlyn to serve at Pan Africa Christian University in Nairobi Kenya. Kirk served in leadership roles at the university first as the Academic Dean and later as the President. Shelley served as the CCP coordinator and was instrumental in the establishment of feeding programs at schools in the Nairobi slums and the Village of Hope in Kisumu. After 11 years in Nairobi the Kauffeldts relocated to Jakarta Indonesia where they worked at Universitas Pelita Harapan, a large Christian university with about 10,000 students. Kirk serve there as the Vice President for Student Development and Spiritual Formation and Shelley as an English instructor. After three and a half wonderful years in Indonesia, Kirk and Shelley accepted an invitation to join LCC International University, a Christian liberal arts university the serve 600 students form 31 countries, mostly former Soviet Union countries in eastern Europe and central Asia. Kirk served there as the Academic Vice President and Shelley as an English instructor and the coordinator for the university's graduate programs. After three and a half years Kirk transition from his role at LCC to serve as the Director for GlobalEd, the equipping ministry program for International Missions that supports the work of  PAOC global workers and our international partner churches and institutions.

Prayer Requests

  • For a compelling Christian witness among university students

  • Effective leadership for the work of GlobalEd

  • Success for strategic initiatives including Middle East Scholars Program and Equipping Egypt