Bringing Hope During COVID-19

Bringing Hope During COVID-19

Thank you for partnering with us as we face this unprecedented pandemic together!

Around the world, the global workers that you support are transforming how they serve their communities. They are reaching out to the most vulnerable with a practical witness to the hope that is Jesus.

Will you step out in generosity today and help us raise funds to offer additional COVID-19 support to global workers? You can see the impact that your gift will have in the ministry update from the McCrea family in Columbia.

McCrea food aid in Colombia

The McCrea family has begun supporting 57 families with weekly grocery deliveries. They are hoping to increase their impact by expanding this program to serve 150 families each week.

Darren and Patty McCrea shared the following story: “People who received food packages have been calling. Three families didn’t have anything to eat and they were in tears expressing their gratitude. One of my leaders was out looking for food and I left the package with his mother. We later learned that just a few hours earlier, she had been insulting him, asking, ‘Where is your caring church?’”. God used this program to demonstrate his love to this family. 

As our global workers and partners transform their ministries in response to the pandemic, will you partner with them as you are able? 

We are currently seeking to raise $300,000 in additional funding for the over 330 PAOC global workers serving around the world. 

Will you give today?