The Timothy Scholarship Fund: The Ministry of Empowerment

The Timothy Scholarship Fund: The Ministry of Empowerment

While wrestling with the call of God to ministry in the early 1970s, I was near despair because I was poor. My parents were unable to help. My father, a pastor, took ill and was forced to retire early from active ministry. I dreamt of Bible college and longed to prepare adequately. Regular visits from college students in our home and church exemplified the positive aspects of Christian service.

But I was unsure and headed off to university planning on a career in medicine. It was a rather rebellious period, but Jesus gripped me in the winter semester of 1971, and I said, “Yes” to the call knowing full well what that meant. And I knew I did not have the resources needed. But, on a Sunday morning, in the late fall of 1973, a brother, Cyril Ludlow, in our church, after the service said to me, “Garry, the Lord is calling you to ministry. You must change your direction and go to Bible college. I will pay for your first year’s tuition and employ you during the summer months.” I did, and he did! I look back with gratitude to that brother, and others, who enabled my limited gifts to flourish. They made it possible! They were the answers to my prayers.

I want you to be the answer to the prayers of young students who need what only you can provide. Let me introduce you to a few of my friends in L’viv, Ukraine. There are so many of them.


I could speak about Ilona, a talented artist, from a broken home who came to Christ through a dream. Glib, from Odessa, came to love Jesus because of his grandmother’s godly life. Despite opposition from all other family members, he wants to be a pastor. Vira is from a small village and a broken, abandoned family of modest means. She was healed and dedicated her life to the Lord. Karolina, whose parents raised her to love Jesus, says being at L’viv Theological Seminary is the best time of her life. She is going to graduate soon. She is devoted to visiting the poor and those in orphanages. Consider, Julia, the oldest of a family of six. Her dad leads Bible studies in their village, and she serves in children and youth ministry. Julia says, “It is a great blessing for me to have someone who takes care of my tuition. Their sponsorship means so much to me. After graduation, I plan to go back home and serve there, helping my father build a house of prayer and plant a church.”

Tanya lives in a small village, Kazanka, where it is impossible to find a well-paying job. Her family does not have enough money to support her studies. She is so grateful to God for people who support her financially.

A recent letter from President Volodya, who leads the seminary, informed me that three more young men had received the opportunity to study at LTS because of the Timothy Fund Scholarships.

зображення_viber_2020-02-07_18-13-59One of those young men is Ivan. He comes from a family with three children. His parents are retired, and his dad is not a Christian. For this reason, Ivan cannot pay for his studies. Still, he has a great desire to serve the Lord and the church. Ivan preaches in various churches, serves orphans, and participates in street evangelism and mission trips. Ivan says, “I am so excited to be at the seminary. Here I received hope that God can use me for His Kingdom. That was one of the greatest revelations for me. God gave me a vision for my future life and ministry. I am going to be a missionary, and my main focus will be children. I am ready to go wherever God asks me to go. I am so thankful for those people who have made it possible for me to be here.”

MykolaMykola received support this year, also. A talented and bright student, he uses every opportunity to serve others. His father died long ago, and his mother raised her six children alone. Even though he lives in tough conditions, he is still thankful to God because through those conditions; he came to Jesus in response to an altar call. Mykola says, “Here, at LTS, I learn how to do ministry in a better way. I learn how to preach and deliver Biblical truths to people. Practical activities that we have at the seminary develop me as a minister. I am growing in the Lord. I know it’s a huge responsibility that falls upon preachers and pastors. I came with a clear vision – to be a youth pastor in my local church. Those who support me make it possible for me to chase my dream. They have given me this priceless opportunity. May God bless you!!!!” President Volodya says that Mykola is an active participant in many seminary projects. He visits orphanages in the L’viv region, preaches, and is always eager to help others.

Stepan is an orphan. He and his six siblings were taken away from their alcoholic mother and raised in a Christian orphanage. His father died in a car accident. No wonder that he is unable to cover his tuition himself. Stepan says, “The news that somebody was willing to pay my tuition became a great encouragement for me. It confirmed that I am here by God’s will. He sent me here and provided it for me. God really has a plan for me and uses other people to fulfil it in my life. Wow! Now I know that I will be equipped to serve as a youth pastor in my church. I’ve seen the need for this ministry, and I prayed for someone to take responsibility for those teenagers. God decided to send me. I am so thankful to those who support me. It was a surprise, and I feel I must study even harder, knowing that someone worked hard to support me.”

StepanLTSI met each of the people named in this article. I know them. They were my students during my recent visits. I know the president and consider him my friend. L’viv Theological Seminary wouldn’t be able to train all those wonderful young people without the help of our dear friends and sponsors like you.

The Timothy Fund makes their dreams come true. To sponsor a student for one year is just $600 Canadian—what an amazing gift for such a modest investment. Will you be the answer to someone's prayers, just like my friend Cyril was to mine? Will you enable their gifts to function and flourish? Will you set them free to serve Jesus in ministry? You will be blessed!

I want you to be the answer to the prayers of young students who need what only you can provide. Let me introduce you to a few of my friends in L’viv, Ukraine. There are so many of them.

milley[Dr. Garry E. Milley is an ordained PAOC minister, author, and speaker. He is well known as a theological educator, conference and camp meeting teacher. His long career has spanned four decades beginning in the 1970s. Before returning to parish and pastoral life, Garry was Professor of Church History and Theology at Master's College & Seminary in Peterborough, Ontario. He has been an adjunct professor at McMaster Divinity College, Tyndale Seminary, and Queen’s College (MUN). He is a Professor of Ministry at Global University. Garry is the author of Prophetic Voices in An Age of Upheaval and An Inconvenient Cross: Proclaiming Christ Crucified. Almost 200 of his articles have appeared in religious and secular papers, and he is a columnist for Christian Week. Garry and Christine have deep roots in the PAONL. Currently, Garry wishes to reinvest in the next generation of ministry leaders in our educational institutions as an itinerant visiting professor, and as interim pastor in transitioning churches. He brings to his teaching ministry the rich experience of years in the classroom and the pulpit. Garry is a life-long learner. He and Christine (Unity ’75 EPBC) have three children and three grandchildren. They live in St. Thomas, ON.]