Global Worker Spotlight: The Wylie Family in Thailand

Global Worker Spotlight: The Wylie Family in Thailand

We've been thinking of you.

So, we would like to start our quick hello by reminding you to wash your hands. Just kidding! Everyone from Starbucks to your Member of Parliament has already done that, over and over, again and again, just one more time, can’t say it enough, another daily reminder, let’s make it hourly, you sure you did it, right? After this we will forever be singing the Alphabet Song whenever our hands go under a faucet.

BKK IzraWe also wanted you to know that we have decided to GO! Meaning, we are staying put in Thailand. Huh?  

BKK Ella
Short term and mid-term global workers and tourists have been recalled to Canada but long-termers like ourselves were given the option. We’ve got world class hospitals just down the road, there’s a supermarket just outside our complex, a bunch of other stores are nailing the online deliveries, we’re healthy, our complex has places for kids to play, our visas are all good to go, and the community here is supportive and diligent. We’re staying!

Our Family

BKK Family
So what’s the GO part? Simply this - we are choosing to find Gifts in the everyday and search for Opportunities to bring life and light. In a world that is largely unmoored and anchor-less, we feel strongly that we have come to this place “for such a time as this”.  The kids are at home and are learning online. Megan is at home and doing her personal training online. Zach is at home and continuing to lead, mentor and direct the ministries of Imagine Thailand online. Our family world is considerably more claustrophobic but our ministry world remains global. 

If you've spent anytime with us here, or read any of our newsletters, you know our family goes beyond our namesake. Read on to hear firsthand how our Imagine Thailand family members, scattered about the country, have also chosen to GO.

Our Team

Taepal, our campus lead in Bangkok, writes: 'This allows me to connect with people at the low point of their lives. The quietness gives me peace and time to dream.' Taepal asks that we pray for wisdom as he adjusts to the abnormal. 

Oh, our campus lead in Southern Thailand, writes: 'There is opportunity! COVID has had a big impact on students. I am not able to meet people face to face, so I use social media to talk more about God and what I believe. I remind others, “I am praying for you” or “God is with you”.' Oh asks that we pray that she has even more opportunities to talk about God and help others.

Li Mei,
our founder and Director in Mae Sot, writes: 'We are all healthy and able to catch up on office work. We even fixed the motorbike. This week we've worked to produce 300 face shields for local healthcare workers.On top of this, we were able to get Nay Nay’s work permit and visa just before they expired. Now he can continue to serve the Thai and Burmese communities in the Mae Sot region.'

 our Director in Takua Pa, writes: 'We have used the Lighthouse Learning Centre as a community centre and together we’ve made over 9000 masks. We’ve had many opportunities like this to share God's love throughout Takua Pa. We visited a children’s home and encouraged and prayed for them. We’ve used the word of God to encourage parents. We’ve shared the love of God to those who are afraid.' Tak asks that we pray they continue to have more opportunities and ask that the eyes of their community be opened to His love.

Our go