PAOC Missions Prayer - the weekof September 26, 2019

PAOC Missions Prayer - the weekof September 26, 2019

Philippe & Rebecca Straforelli

PRAY for Philippe as he continues his battle with cancer in his brain.  We are asking God for complete healing. He is suffering headaches again and is struggling in other areas. Here's an update from the family:

"Thank you for your love and concern and for your prayer for me and my family and our life with brain cancer and we are in need of more. Several months ago we learned the cancer has started to grow again. We just had another MRI and it is starting to spread. Not the news we were hoping for. Our oncologist has given us 6 months. It would be easy to say we need God to show up but He has already in so many ways this past 16 months and we are grateful. It is just so hard to surrender to God’s will especially when we have four kids who’s faith is young and tender and still forming. Never easy. The words of this song are so powerful to us."

So let go my soul and trust in Him.
The wind and waves still know His name.
(It is Well by Bethel)

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