Broken: the Gospel's Healing Transformation

Broken: the Gospel's Healing Transformation

A recent testimony from Paul and Ruth O., PAOC global workers in Southeast Asia

Here is a testimony from one of the our Bible College grads. It is always amazing to hear what God is doing in the lives of the people we come alongside. Here is one young man who will most certainly go on to multiply what has been given to him:   

Greetings, my name is John Immanuel and I am from a southern state in India. 

God has given me a burden to minister to youth through counselling. But I thought that being broken and hurt with lots of regrets of what I have done in my past, 'how will I be able to counsel the youth?' I thank God for this wellness program that has healed me not only emotionally, but spiritually as well. During the wellness program, I could feel God working and I could feel the changes in me.

This program was all about three things:
1. To love and to be right with yourself
2. To have good relationship with others
3. To love God and to have a intimate relationship with Him.

Through this program I learned how to deal with my anger issues, to do spot checks, and daily inventories, which has helped me to get rid of my inappropriate behavior. I started to maintain good relationships with others during the program. I called few of my friends who I hurt and by whom I was hurt and have made things right with them and now we are good friends.

I was not only getting healed emotionally but also spiritually. I started to maintain a good relationship with God. This program has increased my love for His Son. Those hurts and brokenness that were pulling me down, I now look at them in a positive perspective as lessons and an experience that God has taken me through so that I can help others with my own experience and not only that, I also now know how much He has loved me even though I have drifted away many times. He has always loved me and helped me to come out of the problems.

I thank God for Pastor Paul and Mam Ruth for their investment in my life. Above all, I would like to thank God for He has given me this wonderful opportunity to attend this wellness program. It has really helped me. I actually don't know how to express those experiences that I have gone through during this wellness program but I have tried my best to put them in words.

God has done even greater things through this program. Now, I am helping my friends through this same program! Because of the way God has worked in me through this program. I would like my friends and others to have that same experience.
I am continuing on with higher studies to get a Masters degree in Counseling and Psychology because God has called me to work with youth! All glory to God.  

Today we join with John and say thank You, Lord for the great healing we have seen in this young man. What a privilege we have to be a part of watching John become all he can be.