Women Empowering Women to Thrive

Women Empowering Women to Thrive

womens-event-0038Women empowering women. The ZOE Network is founded on the vision that together, women are stronger. Together women thrive. This idea has spread like wildfire and is being endorsed across the country and around the globe through ZOE connections. Perhaps you are a part of a ZOE initiative at home or around the world? The growth of the program has allowed women everywhere to become connected. One such connection story has come to us through the contributions of women from British Columbia, to Saskatchewan, to Ontario, to Nepal. How have women from such diverse backgrounds and locations become connected you may wonder? Well, these women are linked by their desire to be closer to God, to spread His good news around the world, and to support each other in the process.


LEAD Women is a program that originated out of Horizon College program and is facilitated by a charismatic leader, Carmen Kampman. She is a wife, mother, licensed PAOC minister, Executive Director of Advancement at Horizon, and on top of it all is working on her Master’s degree. The ministry of LEAD Women exists to empower women into fully realizing who they are in Christ and their place in His plan. They dream to see women affecting meaningful change from leadership positions across Canada and around the world. Sounds pretty incredible, right?


Desiring to bring this vision to life on a global scale, the group reached out to Leanne McAlister and the ZOE Network, asking for a meaningful way to invest in the life of a woman internationally. LEAD Women knows firsthand the importance of equipping. Women can only thrive if given the resources to do so, and one such resource is education. The ZOE Network, in partnership with Valerie Penney and GlobalEd, provides scholarships to women in theological education globally. 

Menuka, a Masters of Divinity student at Nepal Theological College, is a zealous woman with a vision to see her country changed by the healing power of the Lord. To do so, she needs to be equipped. However, to realize her vision, she needs to be trained which she does not have the resources to do. Enter ZOE Scholarships and the vision of Lead Women. The group of energetic women in Saskatchewan were presented with the opportunity to support Menuka for the duration of her graduate degree. They gladly took the opportunity, understanding that they are investing in Menuka’s future, a future that will effect change in Nepal. What a blessing it is to invest in the lives of others who then invest in furthering the kingdom.

Valerie and GlobalEd in Ontario resourced Leanne and the ZOE Network in British Columbia to connect Carmen and the LEAD Women team in Saskatchewan to equip Menuka in Nepal who in turn, will equip a nation. That sure sounds like women empowering women to thrive! 

zp-amp-geInspired yet? Go to www.zoenetwork.ca/valerie-penney to join the global movement!