Frankly Speaking: Wandrin' Star

Frankly Speaking: Wandrin' Star

wandering-starWandrin' Star

 I was born under a wandrin' star.

I was born under a wandrin' star
Wheels are made for rollin'.
Mules are made to pack
I've never seen a sight that didn't look better looking back
I was born under a wandrin' star.
I was born under a wandrin' star - Lee Marvin


The planets, among the ancients, were called “wandering stars” – a piece of rock without fixed address... The planets moved relative to the stars. For this reason they were called wandering stars. I submit to correction; if you are interested, look it up.

Over time men who followed a dysfunctional GPS, drifters, vagabonds or even mavericks (I have been called all of those names), consider themselves people born under a “wandrin’ star”, which should explain their restlessness, their propensity to be forever on the move, people who are forever chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Lee Marvin with the song “I Was Born Under a Wandrin’ Star” made the breed respectable... For the people who are forever chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow a note is in order - if you chase after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow be prepared to get wet; you can't have a rainbow without rain...

It could also be applied to people like me who, though living at a fixed location, are forever in search of something new to do, something new to occupy their mind and time with... I was and am less interested in finding the pot of gold, though I would not refuse it were it to drop into my lap. I am constantly in pursuit of a new endeavor, a new thrill that the last endeavor failed to produce, a satisfaction beyond which there is nothing left to be desired. A fool's errand? Time will tell.


So I go from one endeavor to the next, and in the process deluge my friends with the wonder my mind engages itself with - from doing my autobiography, to throwing myself into the Mawchi revision and literacy work, and then immersing myself in a 70 course (850 lessons) online bible study, and now starting the digitization of my autobiography in the form of an 18 episode podcast with the title “Fearfully and Wonderfully Mad”. It will be followed by turning my “Letters to The Saints and Aints" book into an 80+ episode podcast... And finally I will record as many of my jokes and funny stories as possible and burn them onto DVDs.

Some people, no doubt, laugh when I come up with something new, calling all these engagements a waste of time, a passing fad. I beg to differ that the creation of my autobiography, with the help of many, was a waste of time or a passing fad - to the contrary, it is a river of blessings for many, touching many lives. The massive work on the Mawchi revision looks like it is a failure, but I am totally convinced (which might not make it so) that it is only waiting for a committed Mawchi, who being tired of the mediocrity of his life and the deadness of the churches about him, takes it into his own hands, offering it up to God that the Spirit of God will breathe on it – bringing it to life to the blessing of many. As for the online Bible courses I am engaged in, they are a wonder bringing often a refreshing to my soul that needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated. They are a Spiritual smorgasbord, but as the old woman said about the moving of the Holy Spirit of God, “It is better felt than telled.” Thank you RC Sproul for producing Ligonier Ministry and Ligonier connect.


As for my podcast, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Mad”, it has unlooked for “side-blessings”. While recording some episodes I suddenly burst into tears as I find myself face to face with my experiences with God so long ago; page after page I am confronted with the deeds of a promise-keeping God, a caring, loving God. I am reliving the past. Also, as you listen you might be inspired to read the autobiography. The podcasts are only 25-30 minutes long. Give it a try; you might enjoy them For people using an android phone or tablet, you can download “Podcast Go”.

Our kids are well looked after. The marks of their deprivation from their time in their villages during the summer are slowly erased, as cheeks begin to fill up again and tummies get a healthy bulge...  Unfortunately I have only a bulge, and there is nothing healthy about it.

frank-school Ethan is back doing the job he likes, looking after sponsorships for our kids. Here is his e-mail address; you can contact him directly if you are interested in sponsoring one of our kids: Ethan Morden

Bapu is busy with the things that need to be done to keep this place running and us on the good side of the government. He is also busy setting up things for the start of the English primary school by the end of December. His commitment and hard work never cease to amaze me.

A team of 10 young people from the Pacific Academy spent 10 days here to teach English to the kids; they did a great job and have appreciated their time here.

In less than 2 weeks Ben and Carley plus another young man will be back till the end of the academic year and also teach English and a variety of other things.

Among a host of other things I will continue my studies and keep working on the podcast; a word of criticism will be appreciated – should you find time to listen.

Where no word of criticism will be forthcoming is when we think of you and your wonderful relationship to us. A Cornucopia filled with good things to continue our work to bless the kids with the things needed.

- Frank Juelich, PAOC global worker in Nagpur, India