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Mentorship and ESL Training



Bi-vocational young and energetic leaders in Talas, Kyrgyzstan are praying for a couple to come assist and mentor them as leaders and help others in the church improve their English skills.  Talas is in a remote, scenic part of Kyrgyzstan about five hours by car from the capital of Bishkek, populated by Muslim Kyrgyz and other Central Asian ethnic minorities.  The city functions as the provincial centre of this mostly agrarian and nomadic shepherd community. 


Ideal candidates would have previous ministry experience with a hunger for adventure and exploration in a remote area of the world.  The ideal candidate will have a willingness to come alongside and embrace bi-vocational ministers, doing life and ministry together, as they lead a young and growing church.  Spiritual vitality, resilience and physical stamina would be required in this context.  A 2-month minimum commitment  is to be expected.


Our Mission Global team will walk with you along the way – from application to deployment. Training, administrative support and mission coaching will be provided, along with assistance for promotional and any necessary fundraising efforts. 

Additionally, Mission Global personnel familiar with Kyrgyzstan will be help network and advise successful candidates as they begin their journey toward deployment.