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Clinic Administrator



The Alleluia Churches of Guinea in partnership with Phil and Judy Bowler, Mission Global workers are launching a Pediatric Clinic in a needy suburb of Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. Eighty per cent of child mortality under 5 years old is due to 4 main treatable diseases: diarrhea, respiratory problems, malaria, and perinatal issues and these will be the focus of this clinic. In addition to treatment, there will be a corresponding focus on community health education with a view to making disciples in this community and beyond. There is almost no pediatric care in this country, and we have the privilege of addressing this need with the love and for the glory of our King.


We are seeking a medical professional (experienced pharmacist, nurse, doctor, or administrator) to give leadership to a medical team of Guineans in the establishment of this simple clinic. Since this is a French speaking area, a minimum intermediate level of French proficiency as well as a minimum two-year commitment are required.


Our Mission Global team will walk with you along the way – from application to deployment. Training, administrative support and mission coaching will be provided, along with assistance for promotional and fundraising efforts. Additionally, the ground team already in place will be happy to assist you in your cultural adaptation and living situation.

Photo of a group of students in Guinea by Vika Chartier on Unsplash.
Photo of Judy Bowler with a group of girls in Guinea.
Photo of a group of students in Guinea by Vika Chartier on Unsplash.