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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - September 30, 2023

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - September 30, 2023

Dear PAOC family,

A seasoned pastor was once asked by a new Christian, “When did you get saved?” The pastor thoughtfully quipped, “This morning”. Although overly simplistic, the response was meant to reflect the reality that our relationship with Jesus is not simply measured in one static moment of confession but upon an ongoing healthy reliance on Christ. In a similar manner, as followers of Jesus, our relationships with one another are not meant to be moments siloed in the past, but are to be lived out together today, with an expectation for the future.

September 30th may be recognized as National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (within an Indigenous context), but as followers of Christ we are fully aware that every day is a day for the Truth of Christ and the ministry of reconciliation.

Should you plan on having an Indigenous component this weekend in your church, we encourage you to make use of a variety of helpful resources that can be found in the Ministry Toolbox.

Also, here is a direct LINK to the latest video resource that could be used this weekend or in any Indigenous initiative you might like to have in the future.

Let us continue to journey together.

Dan Collado
Mission Canada Indigenous Peoples Coordinator

Brian Egert
Mission Canada Assistant to the General Superintendent

David Wells
General Superintendent

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