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The Ride to Thrive: We’re Riding for Children Fleeing for Their Lives

The Ride to Thrive: We’re Riding for Children Fleeing for Their Lives

You have probably seen the images of children fleeing the violence in Ukraine. To date, more than two million children have been displaced by that conflict. I hope that seeing those images have left you with a resolve to make a difference for those children.

Ukraine is only one part of the picture. Around the world today, more than 400 million children are displaced by war.

Beyond the trauma of displacement, children suffer from lack of healthcare, education, food and shelter, all while being the targets for violence, abuse, and trafficking.

For the last two summers, we have held Ride to Thrive events across Canada. To date, almost $500,000 has been raised by partners like you, who have ridden bikes, run, walked, volunteered, and donated, all to help vulnerable people around the world.

This year, the Ride to Thrive is focused on children in crisis due to conflict. When we come together as a community for the good of others, we can do amazing things!

Every dollar raised will provide life-saving help, medical care, school supplies, psycho-social support, and anti-human trafficking efforts for children. Your impact will go beyond the Ukraine conflict, and support children fleeing war zones in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Yemen.

But there is something you can do today, to take action. And it’s pretty simple (and fun)!

You can take part in three ways:

Participate by riding, walking, or running HERE.

Host a Ride to Thrive event in your community HERE.

Support a rider with a donation HERE.

Our team hopes that you can participate! When you sign-up, host, and give, you will be giving hope to children and families who have lost everything.

We hope to see you on the road this summer!


Your Mission Global Team