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Global Worker Spotlight: David & Julie Wood in Vanuatu

Global Worker Spotlight: David & Julie Wood in Vanuatu

Mrs. Popcorn and I Can Do That...

Mrs. Popcorn sat upon a woven grass mat on the broken sidewalk selling little bags of popcorn to passers-by every day. My friend, J,  called her Mrs. Popcorn at the beginning, and that is what I will call her now, in order to protect her privacy. 

After driving by Mrs. Popcorn a few times over a couple of weeks, one day J felt a prompting to get out of her car and go meet this little old lady.  J discovered that Mrs. Popcorn was faithfully raising money to pay for diapers for her adult grandson, who has been an invalid since birth due to Cerebral Palsy.  The family struggles financially just to get by, and this Grandma had created her tiny popcorn business to do what she could to help out.  J was moved by her story, and began to develop a deeper relationship with Mrs. Popcorn and her family, and began to help out with some of their physical needs.

Fast forward to 2022. J returned from an extended trip to New Zealand to discover that Mrs. Popcorn had undergone a leg amputation due to complications from diabetes.  This tragedy had confined her to her bed and had left her family overwhelmed, having to care for two entirely dependent adults and all of their health needs on a now-reduced income.

J stepped in immediately to help with wound and personal care, driving to doctor’s appointments, and looking for solutions to the family’s needs.  It was indeed overwhelming.  How do you even begin to solve a situation that seems hopeless?  One small step at a time!

The medicine of love, laughter, and healing is being given and received. Through prayer, this overwhelmed and disjointed family is becoming closer through restoration, repentance and the realization that God sees, loves, and cares for them.

This is what Hope looks like.  This is the Gospel; the Good News served up with love.  We see so many needs around us here in Port Vila.  We are now working to expand the ministry to others who are desperate and hopeless.

We all have a part to play. We can all respond to the call with the answer: “I Can Do That!” 

Would you like to partner with us?  We need prayer, and we need resources.
Or maybe you are stirred in your heart with a need that you see in your own community...You can do that!

This article was submitted by PAOC Global Workers David and Julie Wood. To learn more about the work they are involved with in Vanuatu, click here.