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Multiply a Church Planting Movement in Cambodia

Multiply a Church Planting Movement in Cambodia

Selin didn't give up and is now planting a church in her home village!


Selin's Testimony | Church Planting in Cambodia from PAOC Missions on Vimeo.

Six years ago, Selin went to live in the Global Student Centre (GSC) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The GSC focuses on providing university students a safe place to live, a drop-in community centre, and a place where they can meet Jesus and be part of a small group! 


When she first attended the GSC, Selin was very shy and quiet. But as she became a part of the community at GSC, she started to grow in her confidence and capacity as a leader. And she chose to give her life to Jesus and was baptized. 


Three years later, when the team at GSC were brainstorming where to plant churches, Selin asked if she could plant a church in her hometown. She was desperate for her neighbours to hear the life and truth of the gospel. 


Every week, she would go to her hometown and minister to the local children. Her family disowned her for wanting to tell people about Jesus, and the village wasn’t open to the church plant! 


Today, Selin meets with more than 100 children, and hosts a ladies’ group to study scripture! And where do they meet? Selin’s parents’ house! Her parents, who were very against Christianity, are now involved in planning church services every week! 


This is a testament that when God calls you to a task, He is faithful to provide. 

Selin’s story isn’t a one-off. There is now a team of thirty students from the GSC who will be planting 6 churches this year!


Will you invest in the life of a church planter?