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This is Good News! A Story from Kathy Mizen of Schools of Hope, Honduras

This is Good News! A Story from Kathy Mizen of Schools of Hope, Honduras

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Hope Camp is an event we offer to our ChildCARE Plus sponsor children and, over the years, it has become a big event for us. During the pandemic, we were not able to have our camps for children and youth. The kids were missing camp and so was our team.

When COVID restrictions eased in Honduras, I felt that it was time. I had no idea how many parents would support our decision, but 195 kids signed up— 110 youth and 85 kids! From August 30 to September 2, we held a youth camp followed by a children’s camp at a location outside the city.

Before camp, I told our staff that I believed that God wanted to do some amazing things in the lives of our students. The ground was fertile and rich for growth because we’ve been planting and watering seeds this past year through our discipleship classes. I felt in my spirit that God was going to help these kids grow and we were going to see some real changes in their lives.

Overall, we had an amazing week, but we also had so many obstacles thrown at us. I know without a doubt that the enemy did not want us to succeed.

As the kids were loading onto the bus to leave for camp, we learned that two members of our team had been in a motorcycle accident. Thankfully it was not fatal, but because of the accident four staff members were not able to go to camp.  Another staff member was recovering from COVID and unable to come.

I have an amazing team! They all stepped up and jumped in wherever needed. I was so proud of them. This group of young adults have grown so much over the past seven years. They are superheroes in my eyes, and the ride home proved it.

During the bus ride home at the end of camp, it started to rain heavily. In Honduras, heavy rains mean visibility is tough and the roads often become rivers within minutes. We had two buses filled with kids and one bus got stuck. The road had started to divide and the rain water turned it into a river. Our team had to physically lift children off the bus and get them over the rushing water to the other bus.

I truly believe that God did something very special and amazing in the lives of the kids at camp this year. There’s a reason the enemy wanted to stop this, but nothing can stop what God will do!

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Kathy Mizen is a PAOC global worker and the Director at Schools of Hope in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras.

Photos courtesy Kathy Mizen.

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